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program for costing

Estimated program "Infoplus estimate"

Estimated program "Infoplus estimate" - a program that is intended for compiling estimates (check estimates) for the construction, repair, installation and commissioning.

Estimated program "Infoplus estimate" includes the base standards TER-2001 to Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region, as well as the federal base unit prices - FER-2001.

The program allows you to make the estimates as in the baseline (2001), and the current price level. It is estimated that it could apply a standard or a resource calculation methods.

The structure obtained in the program documents include: local estimate, Form 4, Form 2, the acceptance certificate, statement of material resources and others.

Budgeting in the estimated program "Infoplus estimate", thanks to an intuitive interface that is not hard even for the quantity surveyor, a newcomer.

In the process of estimating method can be used drag-and-drop (move and leave).
Budgeting - Example: Using contextual search, the database looks for the desired standard, and using the mouse, simply transferred to a given position in the estimates. Same when you add (replace) resources to the position. All this makes budgeting easy and enjoyable experience.


Estimated program InfoPlus-estimate: Month - estimating free.

If you are in the territory of Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk region, you can download the estimated program "InfoPlus-estimate", install it on your computer and work with her for a month free of charge, in order to decide - whether it suits you.

Watch more, download the sample estimates, download acceptance certificate and other documents (Form KS 2, the form of KS 3), prepared in the estimated program InfoPlus-estimate, free estimate program, you can see - Stroyofis: Program budgeting for Infoplus-estimate




Tenders for construction, tenders for the repair

If you want to put their products up for auction, to announce a tender for the supply. If you are looking for markets for their goods or services - pay attention to the section of Tenders.

In it you will find information about tenders in various areas: tenders for the design, construction tenders, tenders for the supply, tenders for the repair, construction tenders, 2010.

Section Tenders Ц is access to information about potential buyers who are interested in your proposals.


What is a "tender"

Tender (born tender from the Eng. Tend - to serve)

  • Tender (tender) - competitive form of the contract bidding;
  • Tender - the price offered by the enterprise in determining which come primarily from the price, which may appoint competitors, and not to the level of their own costs or the magnitude of demand for goods.

Other Data Value of the word "tender" (- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

  • Tender (the car) - car (wagon), special design, hooked directly to the engine and serves to accommodate fuel and water;
  • Tender (a sailing ship) - a small one-mast sailing vessel (ship);
  • Tender (motor vessel) - flat-motorized vessel quatrains type. It has a shallow draft, payload of 30 tons and a crew of 2-3 persons. During the Great Patriotic War tenders used to transport troops and cargo over short distances, and landing on unequipped coast;
  • Tender (notice) - notification (notification) of the intent to physical delivery of the goods in accordance with the terms of urgency (futures) contract;
  • Tender - a statement of subscription to securities trading.




Normative documents at Building Office

Under regulations in construction - available for viewing a selection of documents:

  • GN - Hygiene standards;
  • GOST - State Standards;
  • MDK - Methodical documents in the housing and communal services;
  • MDS - Methodical documents in the construction;
  • MI - Methods of measurement (metrology instruments);
  • MU - Methodological guidelines;
  • NBP - fire safety;
  • NTP - Standards for technological design;
  • ODN - Branch Road rules;
  • OST - Industry Standards;
  • PB - Safety;
  • POT - Rules for the Protection of Labor;
  • PPB - Fire Safety Rules;
  • RD - Guidance documents;
  • RDS - The governing documents in the construction;
  • RM - Guidance;
  • SanPiN - Sanitary rules and norms;
  • SNIP - Building Regulations;
  • SP - a set of rules for construction;
  • TOI - Typical instructions on occupational safety;
  • TS - Technological / technical advice;
  • VNTP - Departmental rules of technological design;
  • VSN - Departmental building standards.




Materials on the site office Building

Under construction materials and raw materials - building materials, sorted by vendors and alphabetically.